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dielectrophoresis presentations

Posted by benhawkins on November 2, 2012

Brian Kirby, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Cornell University, was my graduate reserach advisor. He regularly teaches a course on the physics on microfluidics and microfluidics techniques. The course is based on his text, "Micro- and Nanoscale Fluid Mechanics: Transport in Microfluidic Devices," and includes the topic of dielectrophoresis, the primary topic of my dissertation. His discussion on dielectrophoresis contains slides from my doctoral defense. (Minus the costume...)



Background on DEP and tuberculosis:

Experimental characterization of DEP response in particles:

DEP response of inhomogeneous particles:

DEP spectrometry:

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benhawkinsresearch at San Jose State

Posted by benhawkins on August 19, 2012

Beginning Fall 2012, I will be teaching in the Biomedical, Chemical, and Materials Engineering Department at San Jose State University. I am extremely excited about this opportunity and look forward to developing a lively, engaging teaching program and working on some exciting new research ideas with students and faculty! Biomedical Engineering is a new BS and MS degree program at the university and the SJSU community members responsible for developing the program and establishing the degrees have been extremely supportive. I look forward to working with SJSU and the larger community surrounding San Jose for many years to come.

Over the course of my first year at SJSU, I plan to develop laboratory resources that will aid in both developing BME-related instructional and research opportunities. Please visit the research page for information on project opportunities.

During the Fall 2012 semester, I will be teaching BME 115: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering as well as the associated lab. Information on the course can be found on the courses page. If you are a student and would like access to course content, please email me for information. 

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bmes interview

Posted by benhawkins on October 28, 2011

While presenting at the faculty candidate poster session during the BMES Annual Meeting in Hartford, CT, Ben Hawkins, along with other attendees, was interviewed. Hawkins discusses his research as well as his goals for the future as a researcher and educator. The video can be found on the Biomedical Engineering Society's YouTube channel, here.

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bmes conference

Posted by benhawkins on September 21, 2011

Ben Hawkins will be attending the BMES Annual Meeting in Hartford, CT on 12 October 2011.


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